Wood Restoration, Power Washing and Deck Cleaning Tips

Deck cleaning

Using pressure washers on wood surfaces is not something the average home owner should tackle unless he or she has some prior experience. Restoring a wood deck with wood stains & sealers may best be left to the pros. Decks and other wood projects could be damaged by power washers so test on scrap wood first.

Only professional grade deck cleaning products and wood sealers / stains can give the results you are looking for. A good quality pressure washer also is essential, and of course the experience to use it correctly. Most products can be purchased locally including a quality pressure washer.

Start by taking everything off the deck, applying the cleaner, waiting the approximate time and then rinsing the deck. Some areas may need to be scrubbed with a medium to hard brush to remove tough stains. You can apply the deck cleaning solution and clean the entire surface in a couple of hours or so depending on the size and complexity of your wooden structure.

To rinse properly, start at one end of the deck and work your way across. Rinse the deck thoroughly and let it dry. Applying the wood sealer is the last step. It’s important you follow the instructions for the wood sealer very closely. Applying the sealer incorrectly could spell disaster for your deck, and possibly ruin your wood project altogether.

You may want to consider a professional cleaning and restoration company to do the work

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Pressure Washing Concrete/Asphalt Driveways & Sidewalks

Driveway and walkway cleaning

Driveways, sidewalks and walkways can all be made of different materials like concrete, asphalt and stone to name a few. In some cases concrete and other porous materials cannot be cleaned due to the stain type, age of the stain and how far down it has been absorbed.

The type of driveway or walkway largely determines the difficulty of restoral. Concrete, stone, brick or tile pavers, and asphalt are the main building materials of these structures. Asphalt has its own unique, peculiar attributes, so we’ll save that for later.

Cleaning concrete is not easy. The main thing you will need is a good commercial grade power washer. You can rent or buy one. The next thing is the right cleaner. You need a professional strength concrete cleaner, read the instructions carefully before beginning your project. Make sure you understand everything so that you will be confident in your performing the work required.

Loose dirt and debris could be propelled and cause injury and/or property damage. This is why it is recommended that you totally rinse the area that you are about to pressure wash first to remove any such hazards.

With relatively low pressure, start at one end and work to the other side. After all the debris is removed you are ready to perform the high pressure portion of the cleaning process. Now you apply the cleaning product(s) as directed and move slowly to give the cleaner time to work.

Consider a professional concrete cleaning contractor to do this type of work for you. If you live in the Tampa bay area, contact us for an appointment today.

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Pressure Washing Vinyl Siding / Exterior Cleaning

Exterior house pressure washing

Vinyl siding is easier to clean than brick, block, wood and stucco. Vinyl siding is very popular on many of today’s homes, so let’s talk about cleaning it.

The first step is to use the right pressure washer and the right cleaners for vinyl siding. Use only solvents approved for pressure washer use. Apply the cleaner under low pressure with smooth, overlapping strokes. Don’t try to do too big of an area at once and let the cleaner sit long enough to do its’ job.

Rinse away the cleaner but don’t get to close. Keep the tip of the wand a couple of feet from the wall & gradually move closer only if needed, but with caution.

Do not spray water directly at the eaves, gable vents or light fixtures and outlets. Also be careful around windows and doors. High pressure can knock out or bust old or loose window panes. Make sure to rinse all the cleaners thoroughly.

If you are not sure you want to handle this type of task yourself, contact us for a free estimate or to schedule your project.

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Roof Cleaning / Removing Streaks and Stains

Roof cleaning and restoration

Is your roof covered with black streaks or stains? The black stains you see are not your shingles getting worn or old. They are actually a type of algae called Gloeocapsa Magma, which feeds on the crushed limestone used for making asphalt shingles.

It can be cleaned pretty cost effectively, especially when compared to replacing your roof. Removing roof algae requires the proper cleaners, power washing equipment and the knowledge of how to use the cleaners and equipment properly. You don’t want to end up further damaging your roof shingles or tile.

You need to select a good environmentally friendly cleaning product designed for the removal of algae. A low pressure washer will work just fine for this type of work.

Start by covering the roof with the cleaner but don’t spray too large of an area at once. Only cover what you can rinse away in the allotted time for the cleaner you are using. Read all the instructions of the cleaner carefully.

Rinse the cleaner as directed in the instructions. Always spray water from the peak of the roof downward. Spraying up a roof could lead to water being driven under the shingles and causing damage.

Keep the wand several feet from the shingles, use low pressure and increase for stubborn areas, re-apply the cleaner to bad areas and re-rinse. Always be extra careful when working on a roof of any height, but especially so with high or very steep roofs.

Consider obtaining a professional power cleaning contractor to do this work for you. We can restore and extend the life of your roof while adding value to your property.

Make sure to check back soon for more articles and advice on power washing and cleaning the exterior of your home, decks, sidewalks and much more.

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